Ibiza BPM Radio

Ibiza BPM Radio

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biza BPM Radio was born in 2019 with the prospect of offering something new to Ibiza and beyond. Our differential, is that we are not just an electronic music radio; we are a radio station created to disseminate music of quality , supporting emerging talents, directioning to people from all ages, broadcasting 24/7and spreading the Ibiza spirit and lifestyle. From electronic, to acid jazz , including in our schedule live streamings on audio and video of the best Festivals, Events, Parties and Dj sets, from different parts of the planet. We deeply believe that good music has to be listened and felt inside you as if it was your heartbeat MAKING PART OF YOURSELF . GOAL Our goal is to reach people all over the world, the 24/7 with high quality music in all its types. OUR TEAM Is formed by global professionals as Djs and programmers who make part of our family with experience in the show business for more than 30 years , sharing their latest releases, News , Radio Shows..

Electrónica Techno House


Ibiza - Islas Baleres, España

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